Take Five

The Take Five initiative is aimed at British and UK based composer-performers and is designed to give some of the UK’s most talented emerging creative jazz musicians the opportunity to take ‘time out’ to develop their craft, build their careers and get their music out into the world.

Take Five Edition X, by Joanne O'Brien

Serious developed this scheme in 2004, in partnership with the Jerwood Charitable Foundation and PRS for Music Foundation, and has gone on to produce ten more successful editions, involving 80 musicians aged under 35. From Edition V onwards, additional funding has been received from Arts Council England and Help Musicians UK.

A participant in Edition V, Robin Fincker, sums up his experience: “Take Five is the ultimate ‘demystifier’.  Every smoky, unclear or unknown corner of the music industry can be approached and looked at up-close and within the big picture.  It is flexible enough to be tailored to individuals whilst showing that everyone is in the same boat. Everyone who took part in the process, peers, guests or organisers showed total availability for the discussions to happen...and they did. It claims to allow musicians to take a step back but really, it makes them step right in.”

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